New Model Cars of 2023


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Alfa Romeo has added a new crossover to its lineup with the Tonale, which is set to be smaller than the Stelvio. This marks the first plug-in hybrid vehicle for the brand and is equipped with a turbocharged inline-four engine with battery assistance, which provides a total power output of 272 horsepower and an electric range of 30 miles. The Tonale is expected to become available for purchase later this year, with an estimated starting price of $30,000.

As we rapidly approach the end of the year, manufacturers are already focusing their attention to the future and preparing for 2023. Many of these new models will arrive in dealerships within the coming months, following a number of debuts we've already seen (and some that we've even driven). But there are still many more models set to appear before January rolls around, making for a very exciting year ahead.


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